Brand Is An Image Of A Business…

We all use toothpaste but, how many of us know the location of that toothpaste’s company or name of that company’s owner or how long they have in business? Out of 100 persons may be 5 or 8? What we know as a consumer is the name of the toothpaste and most importantly the brand, that’s the word “brand” a door to enter in consumer’s life. If the branding is poor there is no use of anything, brand is the identity. Businesses pay millions and trillions to get a catchy, creative and sensible brand image, in common language ‘brand is a type of product made by a specific company and under the name of a particular name”.  

There are so many things we buy for example: a soft drink, if after reading soft drink you are thinking of Coca Cola then that is a classic example of a brand positioning in your mind. Branding is everything for a business, from the use to the product to the profit making of the company. Although it’s a thing which cannot be touched, which cannot be felt but still it can damage the business massively. Without going out of context, what is the logo of Facebook? We all know that right? Facebook written in the combination of blue and white color that’s also a branch of branding, a combination of picture and wordings which we call a ‘logo’. Usually people catch a product with a logo. 

A brand is something sensitive and hence there are some strict rules which need to be followed by the organization while branding, because it’s not something which one can change time and again. It’s like a business soul once made its final. As per the study there are 300 million brands in the world some are as big as coca cola and apple and some are totally curtailed to one person business due to which it has become really harder to find a creative branding agency in Sydney and unique name and for a business to succeed it is necessary to win the name game in the field of brand names. As per the pioneers in the field of branding there are 7 different categories of brand names and every brand in this world, falls under one of the 7 categories for example: Adidas is a unique brand name comes out with the name of the company’s owner and founder Adi Dassler but this kind never tells the exact nature of business, a brand name like American Airlines (simply written in blue) falls under the descriptive category of brand name (which tells the exact nature of the business) and there are certainly many more examples available according to the research conducted by the pioneers of marketing. So the only tip of branding is, be very creative and careful.